Sketches & Music Videos

Top 3 Disney Poots the origin of my Idiot David Smith character who also appears in META and Bridge It Up! He loves Travel Channel type documentaries and wants to make them himself, but his enthusiasm outweighs his actual knowledge. This one specifically is intended as a loving tribute to Disney World spokeslady Stacey Aswad.

Do You Have Hormones? was written by my little brother Jacob Smith when he was very young. It defies explanation.

Toby Poole, Molly Tilly, and I directed this music video for Jordan Andrew Jefferson‘s song “Coconuts For You.”

I directed this episode of my friend Toby Poole’s television series The Lords of Fun.

The video below was created for a community theater production of Annie Baker’s The Flick that I acted in. My character had to show his co-worker a video on Facebook where a “water bottle starts talking back to [a] woman.” The director wanted me to really show the other character a video, so I made one! No one else in the play knew I made the video until I brought Teresa K. Howard, the star, to the show one night. They were all very surprised to meet her.


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