Maneater is my first feature film. It is about a college student named Glen who wants a girlfriend so badly that he dates the first girl who likes him back — even though she turns out to be a cannibal.

I wrote it and produced it. My best friend Kris Peraldo directed it. He passed away from cancer in 2011. The last time I talked to him, he told me that he participated in this Reddit thread where he answered questions about cancer. He said someone asked him if he felt like he’d accomplished enough, and he told them yes, because he made a movie.

We made this during my sophomore year at Marshall University. We did not know if we could make a feature film. Even when we were shooting, we weren’t sure we’d finish. But we did it.

It won Best Student Film in the College Division of the West Virginia International Film Festival. It screened at the Appalachian Film Festival in Huntington, WV, the WV FILMmakers Festival, and the Spooky Movie Film Festival in Washington, D.C.

There are so many things I would change about it if I were to make it today. I am so sensitive … so liberal … I feel like some people might find me annoyingly “politically correct.” And yet this film opens with jokes about a deaf person dating a blind person. I was a dumb kid who didn’t know any better. This is the downside to creating content before you have fully matured.

People like it though. And when I talk about how embarrassed I am by those kinds of jokes, people always make good arguments about how I’m overreacting. As flawed as it is, this movie gave me so many opportunities to meet more people. Making it helped me get better as a filmmaker. And it’s still nice to be able to say I finished a feature film when I was so young.


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