In My Defense

In My Defense was made for the 2016 Huntington Music & Arts Festival 72-Hour Film Contest. Entrants had 3 days to write, shoot, and edit a movie incorporating two key words that they had no knowledge of prior to the contest. My words for this competition were “defend” and “hammer.”

The obvious way to go is to have someone trying to fend themselves off from zombies or a murderer or something with a hammer. I didn’t just not do that because it would have been too obvious. I had trouble putting myself in that position. I wondered how else I could use the world “defend,” and I thought about how it’s often your first instinct when you get into an argument to defend yourself without listening to the other person. That was a position I could easily put myself in

Nathan Thomas saved it. Not that Alex Runyon and Damian Ross (and Tiny Dog) didn’t do a fantastic job, but one of the problems with doing a movie in 3 days is that sometimes it can come out a little uneven. We weren’t sure what podcast Damian was going to be listening to when we shot it, so Nathan improvised this awesome riff on Marc Maron’s tendency to go straight from revealing something very personal into an advertisement for stamps.


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