Escribitionist is my second feature film. It is the second I wrote and edited, and the first one I directed by myself.

I also shot it by myself. I’m not trying to brag — it’s not the most visually impressive film. But it is a personal story about telling personal stories, so I think it made sense to make it the way I did.

It’s about a guy named Josh who blogs about everything that happens to him. He gets fired from his job as an after-school teacher for blogging about a kid talking about farting. The kid’s sister turns out to be a big fan of his blog and helps him get a new job, but when he starts blogging about her too, things get weird.

This might be my most experimental movie, which is saying something, because it’s not what you usually think of when you think of experimental film. It’s a narrative with some pretty broad jokes. But I did try to experiment with structure and with a different way of making a movie.

We tried to make this right after Maneater. That movie got a lot of attention, so we tried to use that attention to make a bigger film. It fell apart. One of the many reasons for that was that I thought that in order to make a movie about a guy who reveals too much about his life, I had to reveal everything about my life. The first version hit so close to home that it caused some uncomfortable situations. But in a way, those situations gave me what I needed to write this more fictional version that still incorporated the feelings and themes I wanted to write about to begin with.


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